Carbopol Powder
We are offering premium quality of Carbopol Powder which appears a white coloured crystalline powder used for the thickening of liquid solutions for the formation of gels, lotions and cream. These compounds can be used in various industries which includes chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and many other.
Denatonium Benzoate Powder
Denatonium Benzoate Powder are the one of the bitterest compounds that are commonly used for the production of a variety of products which includes health and beauty items, cleaners and automotive supplies. These are available in powdered with a crystalline nature and good solubility in water.
Anthranilic Acid
Anthranilic Acid are industrial grade powdered compounds having a density of 1.43 grams per cubic metres. They are crystalline in nature with a good solubility in water and many other organic solvents for the formulation of liquid compounds.
Phthalimide Powder
Phthalimide Powder are chemical compounds that belongs to the class of organic chemistry which appears as white coloured crystalline granular substance having a chemical formula of C8H5NO2 and molar mass of 147.13 grams per mol. 
Pharmaceutical Excipients
Pharmaceutical Excipients are the substances other than the active ingredients that are added for the formulation of drugs and other medicinal products. These are added to the medicines for the flowability, lubricity, disintegration, taste or to enhance the antimicrobial function.
Pharma Coating Raw Materials
Effective and affordable range of Pharma Coating Raw Materials is available for enhancing the quality with shelf-life as well as flavor of the medicines.
Sodium Gluconate is widely used in printing, dyeing, and metal surface water treating applications. In addition, it is also used as a chelating agent in cement, alumina and other industries.
Sorbitol Powder
Sorbitol Powder is an odorless crystalline powder available with excellent moisture-adsorption features. It is widely used as a laxative for treating constipation.
Calendula Boric Powder
This medical grade Calendula Boric Powder is widely used as an antiseptic dusting powder. This is also used in medical domain as a disinfectant for treating open wounds, ulcers etc.
Liquid Acid Thickener
Pure and affordable Liquid Acid Thickener is available for enhancing the viscosity of varied products. It is also used as a thickening, corrosion inhibiting and perfume solubilization agent.

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